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On Third Worldedness Verse 3 To Komla

by Dr. Teddy Totimeh

It is difficult to live here
It is much easier to die
Life passes on in starts and stops
Meaningful flow belongs nowhere
It is difficult to keep going
It makes sense to stop and sit
And think
That nothing good could emerge
Not here
Problems persist
In the land of the living dead
Nobody solves problems
When everybody has given up

Basic health needs overlooked
Necessity smothered in luxury’s clothes
A cry of need is lost in corruption’s slipstream
The traffic of life’s busyness passes by
Standing for something good
Standing up for a better future
Is odd
There is a huge crowd press
Directionless existence for the now
Blurs future aspirations
And life is lived
Like death
Doing the same thing
Over and over and over again

And yet a little light
In the land of the living dead
Glows in the darkness
A life, lived how it should be
Wakes up some dead people
Points in directions hitherto obscured
By the fog of despondency
Persistent amnesia
Success locked up in the good old days
Embodied once more
Substance peeking through clouds of doubt
In the land of the living dead
A candle light
Can be bright as the sun
On a harmattan day

I want batteries