A Song For Nyidevu For Afetsi who survived

By Kofi Anyidoho

They say the Panther died in his sleep
But not without a Leap
The Hippo drowned in a Pool of Blood
But with a gentle Smile on his Face.

So you brought Death Home
In a Harvest of Ancestral Songs
Took down his Battle Dress
Gave him a Gown of Flames
Wrapped in Laughter’s Tender Care
Removed the Thunder from his Voice
the Lightning from his Eyes.
You placed a Rainbow on His Face

You explained to Death
How and Why he must be Brave
Turn his back upon the Grave
So the children in their Sleep
May Dream the Future
Filled with Hope,The Promise of Hope

Born in 1947, Kofi Anyidoho is a Ghanaian poet and professor who comes from a family tradition of Ewe poets and oral artists. He was educated in Ghana and the U.S., gaining his PhD at the University of Texas.

Note : The indentation that appears here is not the original. WordPress’ in-built formatting code does not allow it to appear as it is written. This poem first appeared on Prof. Kofi Awoonor’s memorial brochure.


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