One Day, Gaza

by  Saeed Abdul Ghanee Nalayakinah

One day
when the sun shall be domiciled
behind the stuffed dunes of time,
when all has gone to tie with memory
confined to lay in solitary keep,
this story shall be authored again.

One day
when there shall be strewed about
the luckless dusts of brotherly comrades;
adopted into the scalding fields of time
in their brazen numbers,
we shall make some teary communion
with many a sigh, and nostalgia
upon our brotherhood buried deep in scars.

One day
after the feasting days are counted
off charts and desecrated pages alike,
when rarity shall  defy order with need,
and the mindless foe — once the brother
shall become brother once more;
the chicken shall come home to roost.

One day,
the feuding children of Israel:
we the descendants of Ishmael
and our brethren
the children of Isaac
shall commune in oneness
fellowshipping without warring —
just one day.

One of these days.

Saeed Abdul Ghanee Nalayakinah lives and writes from Education Ridge, Tamale,Ghana where he is training as a professional teacher.


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