Wanderer’s Words

by  G. Edzordzi Agbozo

Ancestral Lords,
Dzatugbui’s maiden begotten son
Has joined the wander-boat too

Mother crocodile lured him
So toddler-crocodiles
massage his testicles

Cattle hoof cannot fit an antelope’s feet
Buffalo does not borrow snake’s dance-cloth

Let not, Let not
Dzatugbui’s maiden begotten son
Get stranded in this Sámi ice-mountain

Now I stand Looking through the glass window
A calabash of cold water in hand
Pouring bits on the floor

This is a self-exile
That maims the deeper self
There is something in this journey
That takes the spirit away

The monkey is caught by hunter’s trap
But let not man fall to prey

G. Edzordzi Agbozo is an MPhil English Linguistics and Language Acquisition student at NTNU. His poems appeared in Glass Warriors, (2012), Euphemism, Department of English, Illinois State University, USA (2012), Silent Voices, a poetic lifeline from Slavery to Love (2012), The Premier Magazine, Volumes 6 (2009), 7 (2010), 8 (2011), 10 (2013) and the Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace (2014) among others. He also performed poetry at the vigil night of the state funeral of the late President J. E. Atta Mills of Ghana (2012) among many other public poetry performances throughout Ghana. He also won the University of Ghana Community Excellence Awards (Creative Arts Category) in 2012 and was named in the long list of the Ghana Poetry Prize 2013.


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