by Marian Dragomir

let’s take care of ourselves
this is the first thing we do
when those sent to torture us
can’t complete their mission
we don’t hate those who made the mistake
of not taking care of themselves
and the first thing on the agenda
is to wake up each morning

we turn on the light
with the same control
that created the torch
we stand still
with no motivation in mind
and just to look beyond
the illusions and hate

this poem has no angels
only humanity
which we must endure
to keep going on

let’s let the pain and fear
rule our life


Marian Dragomir is from Romania. He has written two books: “Verses for the big life” (2010) and “Book with Masks” (2012). He has appeared in more them 20 literary magazines from Romania and FIRST LITERARY REVIEW-EAST.


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