In My Time

By Oyin Oludipe

Walls are thicker in my time

I fear the birth of twitching veins

To dare the severing sublime

Of heart from body to lone wings

In my time the air is gone

In place of blood to course the stench

That plows the senile mind than none

As rock-bred singers storm the drench

Here has learnt to bribe the heart

Guilt is wearied in crucible

Of time’s trampling seconds and that

Scourge of memories they cripple

Skies stare alone in my time

Squirming to reincarnate death

To the calling cold-hearted clime

Vultures roost, herald to the dearth

In my time mind crawls the vault

Where limbs scale the girth to partake

Of ballets foul, motions of spite

That shall plumb the soul deep to break

Yet, these seeds are reined of dusts

I fear the earth is choked on filth

The years reform their plaguing wraiths

Beneath the grime, that time so stealth




4 thoughts on “In My Time”

    1. The poem is to relieve the mind of the concepts of doom and all illustrations that characterize the socio-political air of modern Nigeria. It is a rant, but subtle perhaps, because it douses the sharp carthasis with a veiling musicality.

      Thanks for the view.

      Oyin Oludipe

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