Two Poems: Rasaq Malik


Beyond the windy lane

of time and space;

of dreams and longing–beyond



My love for you will sprout

like flowers at the seaside;

Like the banana–for the banana

never tastes the potion of barrenness

My songs for you will traverse

beyond the four poles of this cosmos


Beyond the silent splash of the sea

when life is a dark hole

beneath the hill of love

Beyond the pages

of unfinished love messages

undelivered letters through lorries;

Beyond the open chapters of unread ballads,

sonnets, quatrains, odes…



My love, our love will survive the years of eclipse.

Editor’s note:  ‘Ololufe’ means ‘My love’.


We will search for the traces

of belonging on the

smoked bodies of men who pledge

to the nay-tion of their dreams

We will sing a dirge to douse

the flame that soaks us–

leaving us to find the bearing

of a history that reeks of blood.

We will search for the color

of home in the ashes

of punctured skulls,

fragments of crushed bones

On the cenotaphs that no longer

bear the name of remembrance.

And we will search for peace

in the aches of dreamers,


queuing at the airports

to curse a country

where scars are badges

of honours where departure

is the beginning of a prolonged absence.


Rasaq Malik is a student of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. He lives in Ibadan, where he writes and performs  his poems. He believes we can change the world through words.


One thought on “Two Poems: Rasaq Malik”

  1. I like the second poem more.
    Maybe it’s because I wanted to be a soldier at one point in my life.

    Must I say that pictures that accompany a poem sometimes help with visualization and appreciation of a poem better.

    **Do we sometimes like a poem better because we can sort of identify with it – because we can somehow relate to it?
    *Just thinking aloud*

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